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What's the scoop?

This is a Provincial Park.  Dogs are welcome in the parks providing you follow these rules.

The rules apply whether the park is open or closed for the season.
  • Keep your dog on a leash at all times including in swimming areas.
  • Limit the leash length to 1.8 metres/6 feet.
  • Make sure your dog does not make excessive noise or disturb other park users.
  • Clean up your dog’s poop and place it in a garbage container. When garbage containers are removed in the off-season you must remove your dog’s waste from the park.
Dogs are not permitted in park washrooms, cooking shelters or change houses.
It is your responsibility to learn and follow the park rules.

*Provincial Parks Act, Chapter 367, Revised Statutes 1989, Section 37

Why are the rules necessary?
  • To respect other park users. Some people are allergic to dogs. Some people fear them, even friendly ones.
  • To prevent injuries. If your dog frightens or jumps on a child or a senior, they could fall or be easily injured.
  • To keep them from chasing or harassing wildlife.
  • To protect species at risk. Piping plover nests are easily destroyed by a dog running on the beach.
  • To reduce the risk of fights with other dogs.
  • To minimize unpleasant or painful encounters with wildlife such as skunks or porcupines.
  • To keep your dog safe. Your dog can't read signs that warn of eroding cliffs, drop-offs or other hazards!

Park staff or Conservation Officers will ask you to put your dog on a leash immediately.
A Conservation Officer may issue a fine if your dog is off-lead. They have the authority and responsibility to remove your dog from the park if it appears aggressive or out of control.
The minimum fine is $222.
Remember even the most loving, well-trained dog may act differently or even aggressively when in a new place, around new people, or in the presence of wildlife.