Friday, 4 June 2021

Be heard on this important topic!

The popularity of mountain biking worldwide has grown exponentially in recent years. Various municipalities in Atlantic Canada have recognized this opportunity and have devoted resources to develop purpose-built sustainable mountain bike trails, infrastructure, and related education/programs.

Out of a report to Halifax Regional council in 2019, a volunteer committee has formed to develop a comprehensive Mountain Bike Strategy that aims to provide guidance to the municipality and other stakeholders.

Data from this survey will be used for the development of this strategy and the advancement of mountain biking locally. No personal or individual information will be collected in this survey.

This survey closes on July 31, 2021.


HRM Mountain Bike Strategy Survey

Saturday, 1 May 2021


 From Explore Magazine

Ah yes, there lies a gift to the trail. A soft, warm offering encased in emerald, purple or indigo.

A Hershey’s kiss dropped artistically on a path winding into the wilderness, to be shared by hikers and their furry friends.

An ornament of imprudence, swinging gently on the limb of an unsuspecting tree.

A capricious souvenir tucked into the armpit of a branch, stuffed into a chipmunk hole or tossed into a hollow log.

The legacy of a well-fed canine who looked on in bewilderment, amusement perhaps, as their human stooped to scoop, parcel and then proceeded to endow the trail. Interesting ritual, the dog muses. But who am I, licker of bottoms, to judge?

Friday, 16 April 2021


As you may know, CHPTA has requested that Lands and Forestry make the Shearwater Flyer a non-motorized trail.
While awaiting the decision of the Minister, here is some background information on our commitment to the idea of the park, the peaceful use of trails and community participation. The data on hours devoted by trail stewards is from the fascinating monthly reports.

SUM of HoursYear
Trail2017201820192020Grand Total
Forest Hills39.251128.253064.5162.0011
Heritage Park450436.25363.25362.751612.25
Other Nova Scotia Trails378391.25605.5536.251911
Salt Marsh643.25589.2586111093202.5
Shearwater Flyer279.751366458.257621866.001
Grand Total1942.252118912399.752973.59206.5021

Over 4 years, Stewards spent 9200 hours on trails, a demonstration of community commitment.
Over 4 years, Stewards spent 1866 hours on the Flyer. They picked up litter. They picked up dog poop. They chatted with visitors. They gave directions. They repaired ATV damage.
Over 4 years, ATV riders made noisy forays onto the trial. They disturbed wildlife. They ran over and killed native plants. They cut trees and built lean-tos. They made unauthorized entrances.

Cole Harbour Park is an extremely popular destination for biking, nature study and walking. It is beloved by dog walkers, serenity seekers, and the health conscious. Young and old, city dweller and country folk, newcomers and lifelong Bluenosers, the park welcomes all. Last year the counter on the Salt Marsh Trail alone registered 142,430 visits from walkers and bikers.

In 2020, volunteers spent countless hours building and maintaining trails and infrastructure. It is hard to imagine another civic activity that inspires such loyalty and interest. Our goals are preservation, accessibility, history and service.

Covering most aspects of planning, fundraising, administration, marketing and public accountability, we are proud of the opportunity to be involved in our community.

Friday, 18 December 2020

Photo Contest

 We have a winner in our $50 photo contest:

This is one of the signature views of the park, looking eastward across the saltmarsh from atop the drumlin.  Apart from the modern clothes, this picture could have been taken 400 years ago.  It evokes the gentle wildness of our province, the closeness of the sea - it's just lovely!

Congratulations to Ms. Watson, whose work will be feature on our new brochures.