Adopt a Metre

You can adopt your very own virtual metre of the Salt Marsh Trail. Do it for yourself, a friend, in memoriam - just do it!  See your metre on the map or enter the coordinates in your GPS and go stand on it.  Get well-deserved credit for it.

Scroll the list to find your metre, click to see its location (you may have to use the magnifying glass in he upper left to see the red icon). Or just write 'next available' on the request form.

  • Woodland Metres $40 
  • Waterfront Metres $50
  • Bridge Metres $60
  • Any 3 above for $100!
  • Anyplace in the park $100 (you supply the coordinates, contact
  • We have a very special section of the Costley Farm Trail set aside to honour volunteers.

All proceeds to CHPTA.  

Fill out a convenient on-line form, make an electronic payment and  get a certificate by email.
Your donation will be used for reconstruction and maintenance, to be sure the SMT is still around for your children.  You even get a tax receipt!

The coordinates are calculated from Google Map data.  6 decimal places represents an accuracy of about 10 centimetres, probably better than your GPS.

Once you've found your meter in the spreadsheet, you can get the ground-level view by clicking the Click column and dragging the little person in the lower right of the new map onto your metre location.  A virtual visit on a nice summer  day!

                                               Click and drag this little person >>

Already Adopted Click the flag for details