Adopt a Metre

You can adopt your very own metre of the Salt Marsh Trail. Do it for yourself, a friend, in memoriam - just do it!  See your metre on the map or enter the coordinates in your GPS and go stand on it.  Get well-deserved credit for it.
Scroll the list to find your metre, click to see its location. Or just check 'next available' on the form.

  • Woodland Metres $40 
  • Waterfront Metres $50
  • Bridge Metres $60
  • Any 3 above for $100!
  • Anyplace in the park $100 (you supply the coordinates)

All proceeds to CHPTA.  Download a form here , send your cheque and allow 2 weeks for your metre to appear. 
Your donation will be used for reconstruction and maintenance, to be sure the SMT is still around for your children.  You even get a tax receipt!

The coordinates are calculated from Google Map data.  6 decimal places represents an accuracy of about 10 centimetres, probably better than your GPS.

Already Adopted Click the flag for details