Tropical Storm Noel Pays us a Visit

Don Carter was out on the Salt Marsh Trail soon after Nature's latest challenge:

The SMT has been hit hard again by another storm. On the night of Nov 3 & early morning of the 4th a major tropical storm caused much devastation to the trail. The storm caused much erosion and scattered debris along the trail. The areas around all bridges have been eroded. On my was into the SMT this AM I was met by fellow trail patrol warden Wayne Stott who was on his way home after spending a lot of time stacking wood and other materials that were scattered along the trail. Wayne travelled into the 5 km mark and reported that severe damage was evident all along the trail. Wayne was totally exhausted and headed home for a well earned rest. Several trees that had fallen across the start of the trail, were cut and removed. The pictures tell the story. More to follow. Don

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