Saturday, 30 August 2008

Frequently asked questions

Can I help?
Of course! If you wish to be part of our successful trail building team or lend your support, you can make a donation, buy a Meter of Trail for $40, buy a park bench, participate as a volunteer, become a member of CHPTA for $5. By all means contact us:
Cole Harbour Parks and Trails Association
51 Forest Hills Parkway #13
Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia
B2W 6C6
(902) 462-5706

How do I dedicate a bench?
Contact us by phone, email, or post. The cost of acquiring and installing a bench is $250 for individuals or non-profit organizations and $500 for business enterprises, payable in advance. The Association will purchase and install the bench at a mutually agreeable location. The annual cost to renew the inscription and for routine upkeep is $50 for individuals or non-profit organizations and $100 for business enterprises

Who are the people in those orange vests?
Trail Patrol Wardens are volunteers responsible to our local association and trained under the Nova Scotia Integrated Trail Patrol Program. Their mission is to ensure that all trail users have a safe and enjoyable outdoor recreational experience.

Who owns the park?

The Cole Harbour Heritage Park is owned by the Province of NS with the Department of Natural Resources as the custodial department.

Who operates the park?
The day-to-day operation of the park is the responsibility of the all-volunteer Cole Harbour Parks and Trails Association.

Who pays for the park?
All three levels of government, community groups, national and local non-profits, generous individuals and business financed the capital development of the Park. The maintenance expenditure for the trails within the park comes from HRM, with non-trail expenditures coming from the CHPTA budget or revenue from movie rentals and other sources when and where possible.

Can I ride my mountain bike off-trail?
NO. All bikes are required to STAY on trails that are designated for bicycle use. The Salt Marsh Trail, Shearwater Flyer and Heritage are designated for shared-use, which includes cycling.

Where is the off-leash area?
There are no off leash areas in the park or on the trails. Scoop your poop in the bags provided.

Where can I use my ATV?
ATVs can use the Shearwater Flyer between Hines Road and Bissett Road and ATVs must stay on the trail at all times.

I want to complain about a violation on the trails or in the park. Who do I call?
The Department of Natural Resources is responsible for the park and can be reached at 1-800-565-2224 (24 hours a day)

Is CHPTA a registered charity?
Yes, donations $10 and over (including membership fee) are receipted each calendar year-end.

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