October 23, 2012

Our trails have become red with leaves and pine needles,  the autumn season
shows off our trails, so we'll call it  "Red Trails in the Sunset"

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The paving of Bissett Road is nearing completion and it sure is looking good. This is the road that leads to the Cole Harbour Heritage Park, the Heritage Trail, the Salt Marsh Trail and the Shearwater Flyer. The new pavement is very thick with two layers and the good news is, what a beautiful job they have done in extending the pavement quite a ways into the Heritage Park Parking lot, the SMT Parking lot, the parking area at the SMT trail head and the Shearwater Flyer. The pavement edge leading on and off Bissett road to the parking areas was of concern to motorist and this should solve the problem. A few pictures showing the pavement extension into the parking areas. 
Don Carter
Chief Trail Warden
Pictures moved to Photo Gallery