Volunteers Wanted

From CHPTA People
You will find a tremendous sense of satisfaction when you volunteer for anything from patrolling the trails, helping with light maintenance work, or becoming a committee chair. No one has to ever go it alone, or is ever expected to jump into the deep end, sink or swim.

We actively seek new volunteers and have a crew list, so that we can quickly put a call out to all volunteers. After all, many hands make light work. Presently, due to normal turnover, we find ourselves in need of both a Maintenance Chairperson and a Treasurer.

We have had great Treasurers in the past who are willing to train the next incumbent. Anyone taking on the position will find themselves among friends and great resources. Clearly a knowledge of accounting practices for a registered charitable volunteer community group would be an asset, general bookkeeping would be helpful.

Our Maintenance Committee Chair Person attends the monthly board of director meetings and is responsible for overseeing general repair work as it occurs throughout the park. This is not capital construction work, but could include larger projects where tenders and hiring trail construction companies might be involved. The Chair has a regular team of enthusiastic helpers.  A knowledge of trails and trail work is an asset, but we understand everyone needs an opportunity and chance to learn and stretch themselves into any role they take on. You will also have the assistance of someone with a wealth of experience to guide you.

The prerequisites are simple:  a love of trails, the gifts of nature, the flora and fauna, patience, understanding and respect for all trail users. Everyone must enjoy what they are doing; that's the first step in doing a great job for you, your family, friends and community.

Interested in joining our fabulous team?

Contact Holly Woodill.