Taking a beating

The Salt Marsh Trail has taken an awful beating in the past month or so.  Terrible erosion!  The pictures enclosed show the effects of erosion on the section of trail between the Bald Eagle Bridge and the Canada Goose Bridge, (1st and 2nd bridges from Bissett Road).  At the rate it is eroding, I would
say that,  this section of trail won't last much longer. The section of trail from the Canada Goose bridge in as far as the 2 km mark has also sustained much erosion. The area beyond the 2 km mark where we last had construction work completed has held up very well, considering that the heavy rock was placed on one side only. However some repair work will be required along that area, as well.  The good news is that the area of trail beyond the Ready Aye Ready Bridge (3rd bridge) where both sides of the trail
were built up to protected the trail is in excellent shape with no signs of erosion.
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