Most Recent Trail Patrol Report from CHPTA - Victor H

Chief Trail Patrol Warden’s Report – October 2016
(Victor G. Henrikson)
to the CHPTA Board of Directors November 2016 Meeting
Number of Trail Patrol Wardens submitting an October 2016 report: 12
TRAIL                      # OF OUTINGS            # OF HOURS
Heritage Park                 24                                   21 ¼
Salt Marsh                      30                                   39 ¾
Shearwater Flyer            26                                   34 ¼
Bissett Lake                    27                                   21
Forest Hills                     4                                     1 ¾
Nova Scotia Trails*        5                                     10.3/4
TOTAL                           116                                 127 ¾

These numbers do not represent the numerous outing by Trail Patrol Wardens who do not submit a monthly report and in addition to their regular patrol duties assist in the maintenance of the Heritage Park and Trails.

*Atlantic View Trail, Dartmouth Waterfront, Halifax Waterfront, Point Pleasant Park and Portland Hills

October 2016 Calibrated Infra-Red Trail Counter number for the Salt Marsh Trail – 2,800 (Note: IR Counter total includes both those Trail Users on foot and on bicycle)
October 2016 Calibrated In-Ground Trail Counter number for the Salt Marsh Trail – 2,081
October 2016 Calibrated In-Ground Trail Counter number for the Shearwater Flyer – 3,123
(Assuming one enters and exits the trail from the same point,
the values stated above should be divided by two)

Comments/Observations Reported by the Trail Patrol Wardens for our various trails:

Heritage Park
1. A Trail User reported hearing a bear and seeing its scat along the Heritage Trail near the old Rehabilitation Centre graveyard. It was probably having a feed of the black berries which are prevalent along this part of the trail.
2. The Heritage Trail is a beautiful site with the fallen leaves covering the trail.
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3. Do you see the wasp/hornet nest in the tree on the Heritage Trail?
4. Two Wardens cleared a fallen apple tree just up from the wooden bridge on the Poor's Farm Trail.
Salt Marsh Trail
5. Several volunteers worked on the Association’s Living Shores project to help in combating coastal erosion which takes place along the trail.
6. A Warden planted rose hips and seedling trees on the storm surge rocks to help impede damage to the trail.
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7. Horse manure and dog feces continue to be noted in several areas along the trail.
8. A Warden was approached by a trail user who had been intimidated by an aggressive off-leash dog. Fortunately, the Warden was able to encounter the offender and point out the on-leash policy for the trail. The trail user leashed the dog.
9. A large pot hole on Bissett Road, which could be quite hazardous to a vehicle leaving the SMT parking lot, has been reported to 311 for action.
10. A Warden noted some window glass in the parking lot from a vehicle which had been broken into.
11. A Warden reported what appears to be a collection or saving of dog/cat feces which was then spread along a section of trail prior to the “Ready Aye Ready” bridge. This is not the first time that this amount of material has been noticed.
12. Sorry clam diggers. The clams which many like to harvest along the side of the trail are currently considered to be too toxic to eat. Signage has been posted at the Trail Head to advise clam diggers of this situation.

Shearwater Flyer Trail
13. Damage to the trail from dirt bikes continues to be noted. Their use on the trail is not legal.
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14. Like most of the trails, the beauty of Fall is upon us.

Bissett Lake Trail
15. Tree yard waste and other materials continue to be dumped along the side of the trail.
16. The bridge linking Cole Harbour Road to Phase 1 of the BLT has been put in place. Landscaping and paving of the trail from Cole Harbour Road and the bridge will be taking place in November.
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Forest Hills Trail
17. A new sports field is almost completed. The trail runs by the field.
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18. Some Wardens continue to cover numerous kilometers of trail while riding their bicycle. The distances covered were 103km, 122km and 158 km.
19. Wardens continue to restock the dog bag dispensers, pick-up dog feces and trail litter/garbage and report any concerns which might endanger trail users. They also serve as wonderful ambassadors who often provide information pertaining to our Park and Trails to our many users.

Reported Wildlife Sightings:
Black Ducks; Blue Jays; Chickadees; Crows; Egret; Finches; Sparrows; Mallard Ducks; Mourning Doves; Northern Cardinals (both male and female); Partridges; Pigeons; Pheasants; Robbins; Sandpipers; Snakes; Sea Gulls; Song Sparrows; and Squirrels.

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