Here is a picture of a visitor taken by .Jim Reid on January 22nd.  He sent the picture to Butch Galvez, Wildlife Technician, who replied with this:

Looks like last years pup with mange, not a very large animal. Mange causes hair loss via infection. Coyotes are very strong and some may recover from mild cases but severe cases are often fatal during winter months. Mange also can change behavior, it tends to increase daytime sightings because the animals become more reliant on low quality food sources and may seek shelter under sheds or decks. Aggression, however, doesn’t appear to increase, often they are weak and become somewhat submissive. Still not an animal to be approached and there’s always a risk to smaller pets (off leash).

Just want to make sure he/she isn’t getting any easy food handouts. If the animal is seen with greater frequency please let me know. We like to monitor the activity.. thanks for the picture..

Regards, Butch