Annual General Meeting

Just a reminder that the Annual General Meeting 2021 (AGM 2021) of the Cole Harbour Parks and Trails Association will take place in the Westphal and Forest Rooms of Cole Harbour Place (CHP) Thursday 26 August starting at 6:30pm. 

Because of the current COVID restrictions and the provincial state of emergency only members and invited guests will be allowed to attend. CHPTA requires that you RSVP to indicating the number of people attending. This information is needed to properly prepare the venue for the AGM.

In addition and at this time, the following measures are in place for the meeting:
  1. you will be asked to respond to the standard COVID questionnaire on entry to the AGM
  2. you must sanitize your hands either at the CHP entrance or on entering the AGM space.
  3. You must maintain a 2 meter (6 ft) distance from other participants (unless they are in your "bubble"). Seating will be spaced accordingly with an option to have a bubble sit together. 
  4. you must wear a mask at all times. We are trying to determine if masks can be removed once you are seated.
A number of documents are important to have access to. CHPTA requests that you either print these documents off to bring to the meeting or better yet load them to a portable device for reference at the meeting:
  1. Agenda-draft3.pdf is the latest version of the agenda
  2. BoD candidates lists the current slate plus those offering for next year;
  3. CHPTA FY20-21 FinRpt-Balance sht.pdf. This is the annual financial report for fiscal year 2020/2021 (last year) that will be reviewed and presented for approval 
  4. draftminAGM2020.pdf are the minutes of our last AGM that need to be approved at this AGM
These files can be accessed at our website at this link.

Membership forms are at the same location.  Please talk to your neighbours, family and friends and get them involved with the association. Everyone needs to renew their membership as this is an annual requirement due at each AGM. This can be done:
  • by mail to Cole Harbour Parks and Trails Association, 51 Forest Hills Parkway #13, Dartmouth NS B2W 6C6. 
  • You can print the form, fill it out, sign and bring it to the AGM with the princely sum of $5 to renew for another year. 
  • Donations are always welcomed. 
  • We now have two ways to pay electronically - through Canada Helps (indicated on the membership form) or by conducting an e-transfer to the treasurer at A second email  to the treasurer will be needed to provide the password. You can also pass that information to the contact below by email or phone. 

The entire Board looks forward to seeing you at the AGM.

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