Construction Diary XXXIII


A warm welcome to Fred Madore, Gary & Coleen Lewis, Sean Wood and Tersesa Givovannetti.

June 20th. - Reports of a dirt bike being ridden on the Jersey Jack Trail come to our attention. Working with the parents of the rider and DNR enforcement personnel the situation has been resolved and the riding has stopped inside the Park.

June 23rd. - We start plans to modify the gate to allow for an easier flow of walkers and cyclists, at the West Lawrencetown Road end of the Salt Marsh Trail. At the same time old signage will be re-installed and some trail surfacing will be completed.

June 27th. - Our painters start work on the barn, power washing, hand scrapping, applying one coat of grey primer and two coats of red paint. All the new windows, corner boards and doors are painted white. The barn was originally red in color and we believe that we are close to the same old red color.

June 28th. - The brochures for the Cole Harbour Heritage Park and Salt Marsh Trail / Shearwater Flyer are printed and ready for release. Anyone wishing one please just let us know, or they can be picked up at the Cole Harbour Library, Cole Harbour Heritage Farm, Eastern Passage information center, Eastern Passage Community Office.

June 29th. - The grass around the second cemetery, near Bissett Road, gets mowed in preparation for painting the cemetery fence. Lake City Paint donates three gallons of paint for the project.

June 30th. - Our friends from the Church of Jesus Christ show up with a large group of youths who paint the entire cemetery fence white.

June 4th to 29th. - Saint Mary's University Department of Archeology under the supervision and direction of Professor Heather MacLeod-Leslie start work on the Poor's Farm Cemetery and Poor's Farm residential foundations. She has thirteen students, one assistant and from time to time other professors join her.

Their first three weeks on the job were quite challenging, with lots of rain and cold temperatures but preserver they did. They and we were rewarded with numerous artifacts being found and interpreted. The good news for us, is that this project will continue into the future which in turns allows us to share this local history with everyone.

Their story caught the interest of the local media, via newspaper, radio and television.

July 5th. - The painters finish the barn today, 22 gals. grey primer and 87 gals. of red paint.

July 11, 18 & 19th. - Our contractor starts maintenance work inside the Park. We replace three culverts and re-ditch a number of areas that suffered erosion during the winter months; we also surface and a number of areas.

July 13th. - We meet with our chosen consultant on the Bissett Brook project and walk out the project on the ground.

July 14th. - Gus Reed spends a full day doing a survey of park users at the barn parking lot.

July 16th. - The Heritage Farm loans us a 1945 aerial map of the Cole Harbour area which will be useful on the Bissett Brook project.

July 17 & 18th. - We hire a contractor to push the vegetation back along some of trails using a large ride on type mower. We are feeling our way on the issue of maintenance, trying to find the right balance for vegetation control and cost efficiencies.

Atlantic Lotto shoots it's latest advertisement in the first big field beyond the barn parking lot. It's the one with the swarm of bees chasing a person through the field.

July 20th. - Our friends from Cole Harbour's Petworks have agreed to sponsor all eight our doggy bag dispensers which means the boxes will be self sufficient in bags for the foreseeable future.

Happy Trails

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